mfdubs' Stream Supporter System


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Welcome to mfdubs' Stream Supporter System, a new way to help support the channel! While discussing my acceptance into the YT Partner Program, I had a number of viewers say they couldn't use super chat, or donate... And that they wished they could. And it got me thinking... A while back, I created this really simple script, that used an offer wall. And after some editing, and a few Cotton Candy Bang Energy drinks... I created this system!

It is pretty simple, and really easy to use. Log in (or sign up, only takes a few seconds) and view the "Offer Wall". The Offer Wall will display a variety of offers and a point value for each. Live on stream, we display the Top 5 Point Earners, and the last 3 completed! There is a Goal set for each month, and if we hit it, there will be a give away of some sorts exclusively for SSS users!
Once you sign up/login, you will be directed to the Wall page. This page will have your points, some global stats, and your Offer Wall. This is where you can earn points and climb the global leaderboard. *COMING SOON* In stream features you can use points to access! Text-to-Speech messages, gifs, and more!

When an offer is complete, either by you or a friend, the server will be notified, and your points will be awarded. You have a "MyWall" Link you can share with friends and family, and they can help you earn points and climb the global leaderboard. Can you reach Top 5?

The point system is used to track and maintain the global leaderboard. The more points earned, the higher you rise on the leaderboard. At the end of each stream, I will show the Top 50 people (or less pending how many actually participate lol)...

We use a 3rd party site for the Offer Wall. If you did not receive points, there is a "Support" Button at the top right corner of the Offer Wall. I cannot approve points unless its an error on my end. If you would like to create your own system like this, I suggest using the affiliates we use. Click here to check them out! They have awesome rates and great offers. If you would like a copy of this script, email me at mfdubs[at] and we can discuss pricing (You need a website w/ hosting[PHP/MySQL]).